About me

As a passionate, lifelong Francophile, I'm here to explore the beautiful, hidden, quirky and fascinating parts of France for curious, savvy and passionate Francophiles everywhere. 

After years of visiting France on school trips, family holidays, work trips, sightseeing and city breaks, I realised that I'd be better off talking about all things French and all about France with people who are as curious and interested as me. (That's a really long way of saying that my family and friends would probably prefer if it if I stopped chatting about France at every single opportunity. ;-) You might relate to this.)

In the podcast, France Where You Are, I explore French culture, history, travel, food & wine and all the very best of France.


Whether you're travelling virtually or planning your next trip to France, join me as I explore the little gems you won't want to miss; the stories, people and places throughout the hexagon.


All from the comfort of wherever you like to listen to podcasts. 

Explore my site to find out more and join the newsletter, follow me on Instagram for storytelling and images @francewhereyouare and to be the first to hear about the launch of the podcast.

It's coming soon!

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