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Happy Music Day !

Yes, it's finally here. The Fête de la musique is today.

How are you including music into your day today? Perhaps you're also celebrating Father's Day and enjoying some music together or virtually (as I am)... Whichever you're celebrating, get involved with some great French music today on Spotify.

Today's launch is a French Jazz Café full of laidback sounds and atmospheric tunes to mellow your day. You can find it here:

As it's such a special day for music, there's a huge playlist building on Spotify. We're creating the Ultimate Francophile Playlist.

Enjoy the beginning of the Ultimate Francophile Playlist here:

But I need your help too!

What's your favourite song by a French artist or someone singing in French?

Do you have some favourites that have helped you learn French?

Do you have some memories and stories about your favourite music from France and the Francophonie?

Let me know by emailing your song choice to me via email hello(at) or on Facebook and Instagram @francewhereyouare.

(N.B. no explicit content will be included and any duplicate requests will only be added once.)


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